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Marketing without Facebook 2

Marketing without Facebook? Here are some tips…

Taking Facebook out of your marketing mix is easy… if you’re prepared to do the groundwork.

As I mentioned in my earlier post about marketing without facebook, no other platform will give you more value for money today than Facebook. So if you are keen on eliminating Facebook from your marketing mix, there is simply no alternative today that will get you the same audience or reach. On top of that, Facebook is relatively cheap as marketing channels go.

Even if there’s no single alternative that will completely replace Facebook for you, you can still get ahead and stay ahead. But you’ll have to work for it.

Own your channels

‘Paid media’, i.e. paying for your content to be boosted on channels such as social media is fine if you want to get your message out there to the right audiences. It’s more than fine, it’s all but indispensable. Especially as, on social media channels, your reach is limited to nearly zero if you don’t pay to boost your posts.
But ‘paid’ is only part of the story.

There is no better place to create and manage your content, than on your own media, i.e. you web site or blog.

  • you keep full control over everything you do, how it is shown to your audience, what actions readers can take after seeing your content
  • you can use a blog article or web site page as a landing page for everything else you do: if you have a post or campaign on social media, or through Google AdWords, or even in offline media, you can simply direct interested readers to your own, safe environment for more information
  • ‘Safe’ is another big word. Since you control what happens on your blog or site, you are making sure your readers don’t see things you don’t want them to see. If you simply post stuff on other channels, you have no control over where your content will appear and what other content is shown next to yours.

Microblog (use Twitter)

Depending on who your audience is, Twitter can be a real asset for boosting your content, even if you’re not willing to pay. The Twitter crowd is a lot smaller than the huge number of Facebook users, but they are usually very keen readers. If you manage to target the right people with very good content, Twitter can make all the difference.
And nothing is easier than sending a 140 character tweet to your audience from time to time.

Content is an investment

If you view content (or any other marketing activity) purely as an expense, you’ll always struggle to find a meaning in what you do. Content is not an expense, it’s an investment. It’s you telling your potential customers what you’re good at, what you could help them with, how they can benefit from your great products or services or knowledge.

And delivering that message comes with a price tag. How much you spend is up to you, of course.

Finally: start slow

A final word of advice: don’t try to do everything at once. Find a content creation pace your comfortable with. And you don’t have to start using every available format or channel at the same time. Take it easy. See what works for you and expand your activities little by little.

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