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DIY video: DSLR and stabiliser
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Why it’s a good idea to ‘do’ your own video

It’s been a rallying cry for content marketeers for the past few years: video is hot!
As William Craig estimates in a recent Forbes article, online content will consist of 80% video marketing by 2019. Check also this great infographic from

Although you could argue about the exact numbers – time will tell, I guess – there is no denying that video content is becoming huge for very good reasons. And that has a lot of businesses, from global players to mom-and-pop stores, thinking about their video approach. And one of the questions they often ask is: why wouldn’t I do my own video?

Why you should ‘do’ your own video


Video is very expensive to do! For short videos (up to 2 minutes, for example), I’ve seen offers ranging from € 700 to € 7,000 and more. That’s quite a huge gap and for most run-of-the-mill video work, both offers are ridiculous.
It’s hard to give an estimate of what a decent, average video costs because it involves a lot of factors: will you shoot indoors or outdoor? Do you need a crew incl. make-up artists, directors, actors … or not? How long is the video supposed to be? What’s the topic and style? And dozens of questions more.
In all, I’d say that for a decent, professional short video, you should expect to pay somewhere between € 1,500 and € 2,500. Of course, if you want a short documentary-length video or motion picture quality, 2,500 will get you nowhere!

If you’re planning on doing quite a lot of videos, that’s a major expense.
Spend a little more and you can easily afford to get your own equipment and start shooting yourself!

Control and speed

It’s an ongoing trend in Asia and the States that more and more companies are insourcing their creative work again, especially when it comes to content marketing. So they have their own writers, designers, artists in house. That makes sense because Content Marketing requires a constant stream of content to be produced and published. And with a lot of traditional ad agencies still stuck in the age-old “campaign” mode, going back and forth all the time with the invariable account managers as intermediaries is bound to slow down your content production.
In light of the above, it makes sense to produce your own in-house videos as well because it will:

  • give you a much better time-to-market for your video projects, because there are fewer intermediaries and meetings to go through
  • you stay in control and, what’s more, your videos will always follow the visual and editorial line you set out for the rest of your content,
It’s easy

Never before have so many people had access to the means to produce their own videos than now. It’s amazing what you can do with a simple (quality) smartphone. Or you can go a step further and shoot video with your DSLR camera. Add a good microphone, they come quite cheap nowadays, and you’re set.
And editing is also a synch, with the wide range of editing apps and software that’s available today, often free or at a low price.

So, if you’re all set: go and ‘do’ your own video. Or…. you might want to wait for the next article: Why it’s not a good idea to ‘do’ your own video! Quite some surprises in there.

In the meantime, read-up on the state of video marketing in Belgium & the Netherlands in’s whitepaper!


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